Close Up And After Dinner Mind Reading

Mysteries That Create Unforgettable Memories

Although Vassilis has performed for thousands of people, he never performs the exact same show twice. His performances, either close up or as after dinner entertainment, are completely interactive and based on extreme empathy and deep emotional connection.
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Corporate Entertainment

An Event Your Guests Will Never Forget

Make your event stand out by hiring Vassilis to provide some amazing close up entertainment of mind reading and hypnosis, breaking the ice and guaranteed to leave your guests amazed and amused!

In addition Vassilis offers an after dinner show of mentalism and hypnosis which will leave your guests thrilled about the event and the company!


Wedding Entertainment

Making Your Special Day Even More Special

No two weddings are the same. But Vassilis can add something outstanding to yours!

Vassilis will have your guests screaming with amazement and laughter, while you are the centre of attention.

Vassilis creates effects tailored specifically to you, using bits from your love story and ensuring that your wedding will be remembered for ever!

Private Parties

The Most Desired Party Guest

Nothing brings the “wow”factor at your party quite like inviting Vassilis to perform his show of mind reading and hypnosis - you can count on him to leave you speechless.

Get ready to see and experience something you’ve never quite seen before. Either close up or as an after dinner show, Vassilis will literally bring magic to your party!

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Virtual Show

A Call to Minds

An interactive online magical experience involving the mind of Vassilis and yours - from the comfort of your own home!

In this interactive show you can participate on your own, or bring your friends and family together. Using materials and objects from around the house Vassilis will lead you to a unique experience exploring the mysteries of your own unconscious mind, memories and emotions.

So grab a drink, sit back and enjoy the journey!