Become the Best You

Vassilis works as a hypnotherapist with adults and children helping them to effectively reach their potential and become the best version of themselves. His purpose is to support people get rid of whatever is holding them back, be it a trauma, a phobia or negative habits and beliefs and replace them with positive ones in order to reach their full potential.

Although our conscious mind actively wants us to move forward and develop in life, the subconscious part is usually resisting and sabotaging this process, wanting us to remain in our comfortable, albeit painful, zone. Our goal is to take the subconscious mind on board empathetically and with compassion and pace and lead it to support our conscious efforts to create positive and long-lasting change.

Areas of specialisation include stopping smoking, alcohol and drug addictions, nail biting, skin picking and other compulsive behaviours, breathing problems, phobias, sleep problems and self-confidence building.

Vassilis will offer you a free 30-min consultation on Zoom or in person with no strings attached, were he will assess and plan the best path tailored to your needs and demeanour to make sure that you achieve your goal with the best results possible, and also answer any questions you may have about hypnotherapy or anything else.

Take a step towards positive change and get in touch now to book your 30-min free consultation slot.